Compose a professional creative brief

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When you have a need to promote your brand, don’t let it be vague. Pinpoint your requirements and make them specific.



Let the creative people - designers or agencies - into your mindset and goals, so they can produce the best results for your project.



Distribute your ideas to your team and stakeholders, align and bring them in the creative process.



Build a goal-driven, powerful brand that regards every touch-point as an opportunity to provide exceptional experiences.

You are just 4 steps away from a powerful brief

We designed Briefine after 25 years of creative agency experience. Our goal is to provide you not only with the tools, but also with the expert guidance to put together a creative brief and communicate efficiently with your design partners.

Get those great ideas out of your head!

No one knows your brand and its needs better than you. Still, to be able to provide real value to your markets and audience, you have to work with various visual communication and promotion professionals. Briefine helps you communicate your needs like never before.



Briefine makes creative briefing original but also more productive, guiding you step by step to a powerful communication with your design team.



Briefing is the foundation for every branding project. Using a tool that creates a solid communication base, can take you a long way.



Build a goal-driven, powerful brief that regards every touch-point as an opportunity to provide exceptional experiences.



Why lose time and money in unneeded  communications and misunderstandings? Get to the point and get the job done!



Briefine can help you build a specific and professional brief, in minutes! No more waste time instead of more measurable results.



We designed Briefine to be simple and intuitive to use, offering at the same time deep and meaningful insights to your branding needs.

Join over 900 creatives and business owners who use Briefine to build powerful brands.

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